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Super Kratom exists to bring you the best kratom at the best price. We combine the power of the Internet, our friendly staff and the highest quality kratom anywhere to revolutionize the way the kratom industry does business.

Why? Because we have a vision.

Our vision is the best kratom delivered to you as quick as possible at the best prices backed by the finest service humanly possible.


This lofty goal inspires all our decisions; from the quality of kratom we purchase to the kratom extraction procedures we use to how we train our staff to best answer your questions. It’s been a challenge, but through meeting and surpassing challenges we’ve grown, gained experience, and passed along the benefits to our customers in excellent kratom and extra money in your wallet!

Our vision keeps us going at 111%.

It keeps us seeking for new unknown kratom sources hidden in the jungles of South East Asia.

It keeps us cutting out middle men like the money leeching parasites they are.

It motivates us to cut costs without cutting quality. Our 111% vision gives Super Kratom that extra burst of energy to go that extra mile to, for instance, send your package before we close down for the day even though its late—rather than first thing in the morning—getting your package to your door one day earlier.

It’s this perennial 111% promise that keeps our research and development teams working to find new ways for people around the world to enjoy kratom, whether through more powerful extracts made with special scientific processes or convenient capsules.

Super Kratom is all of these things, and more. These little innovations add up quickly. It’s why we stand head and shoulders above the competition. It comes from years of no-nonsense business ethics, a habitual—almost obsessive—striving for excellence. It’s founded on a complex knowledge of the wonderful world of kratom incense products, and solidified by the relationships with our farmers and customers.

Also, by only buying kratom from fair trade growers, Super Kratom helps support the local infrastructure and economies where we buy from. We think business practices that take advantage of people are dead wrong. A business should give back to the community at every opportunity from grower to customer.

That’s what we at Super Kratom are all about. It’s our driving vision, the philosophy of 111%: that bit of extra effort that makes a big difference to our customers.

It’s the vision that makes us insist our kratom is specially grown without excess pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. This grows big, healthy plants, but it also preserves the soil fertility and the interdependent web of insect and plant life that make up a working ecosystem. This keeps the land healthy and balanced for use by future generations.

Pesticides kill lots of bugs that, like it or not, are also part of the web of life that supports the quality of kratom. Fungicides kill fungi, both good and bad ones, indiscriminately. Excessive fertilizing isn’t necessary and can actually harm plants, so we don’t do it. We cut out all this unnecessary stuff so that balanced kratom trees live in dynamic harmony with their local environments.

Freshness is important to the potency of kratom incense. That’s why we make freshness such a big thing at our company. Unfortunately, we can’t bring you fresh leaves from the growing fields in South East Asia because of the limitations of nature. Unless we rushed fresh leaves straight to your door on a supersonic jet, they would already have begun to develop mold and must and nasty smells.

Unfortunately, even our 111% vision can’t afford a supersonic jet or the jet fuel for quick deliveries, so until that day we do the best we can.

Which, fortunately, is still great!

That’s why we dry kratom leaves carefully to keep them mold and fungus free. Then, we bring them to you as quickly as is humanly possible. We buy directly from the growers and use our logistics and knowledge so that kratom leaves, extracts, and capsules aren’t sitting on shelves for long periods of time, gradually losing their potency.

Why do we do all this?

Super Kratom’s 111% Vision. We’ve always got it in our minds.