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Super Kratom travels the globe to hand-select only the finest strains of kratom incense for you. Kratom is not just a business to us; it’s a passion, a love and a way of living.

Growing the best kratom is very complicated; there are soil conditions, microbial activity, drought, floods, and microclimatic quirks that present challenges to the growers. That’s why we put so much effort into choosing the best kratom farmers. We make sure that the growers treat their land right, practice organic agriculture and adhere to Fair Trade guidelines.

By supporting Fair Trade growers, we make sure that the farmer and his family gets a living wage. This helps local communities live well and prosper. We don’t support harmful agricultural practices, so that the local ecosystem stays healthy and that future generations can enjoy it.

Super Kratom is dedicated to improving the world through each kratom leaf we trade.

We offer top-of-the-line customer service to all our customers. Here you can learn more about our company, contact us, or cut right to the good stuff and start shopping for some premium kratom from Super Kratom today.

By buying direct from growing areas, we are able to offer the growers a better price and you a better deal. There are no middle men skimming profits and letting kratom incense get stale or moldy in storage here. No, not with Super Kratom.

We mean business. This means we get you your kratom leaf, extracts, and capsules delivered conveniently straight to your door as inexpensively as possible.

Plus, there are no long waits with kratom in storage or sitting on the shelves of some merchant somewhere. No loss of potency means you get the biggest bang for your buck, the freshest incense, and the most pleasant experience.

All of this is possible because of the entrepreneurial spirit enshrined in our business code of ethics. We cut costs without cutting corners and will continue to do so in the future. For this reason, you can look forward to dealing with Super Kratom for all your kratom needs. Check back often to see if we have cut prices on some of your favorite products or to see if we’re offering new selections!

We offer many different payment options by accepting all major credit cards. Simple yet robust, our ordering process is sleek so there are no extra credit card fees or processing fees snuck in. All you pay is the cost of kratom plus shipping—unless you snag a coupon, then shipping might be discounted or free. We post coupon codes on our site, so you’ll have to check back soon. With our record of high quality kratom, you can’t afford not to try us out!